Data management

By REACH, the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of more than 30.000 Chemicals is required by law. REACH deals with all new and existing chemical substances produced in - or imported into - the EU in volumes of 1 tonne or more. Manufacturers, downstream users, suppliers and importers have to ensure reliable protection of the environment, and safety and wellfare of employees and customers. The administrative effort is huge and without an appropriate data-management system (DMS) the extent of data ascertainment, administration and communication is hard to handle. A transparent structure, safe and long-term data acquisition and data archiving is essential. The required documents have to be compiled both fast and particularly replicable composed. Furthermore, the communication flow in the supply chain and the communication to the relevant authorities have to proceed quickly and without problems.

We compile, administrate and distribute safety data sheets, product and material data sheets as well as operating instructions. Furthermore, we provide IT-solutions for the implementation of the regulation CLP / GHS (Globally Harmonized System for the Labelling and Classification of Chemicals) and tools for tracing product quantities.

Our Service

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets have to be provided to the downstream users or distributors along the supply chain by the supplier at no charge. The safety data sheet shall be supplied in an official language of the Member State(s) where the substance or mixture is placed on the market. SDS have to be provided either in written or in electronical form. Manufacturers, importers, downstream users and distributors are regarded as suppliers.

For substances that are sold in quantities of more than 10 tonnes per year and are classified as dangerous, Exposure Scenarios describing how a substance can be safely handled to control exposures to both human health and the environment shall be appendixed to SDS, forming "extended safety data sheets" (eSDS). Exposure scenarios are made available to customers as an annex to the Safety Data Sheet, which is an outcome of the detailed risk assessment of the registrant.

CLP/GHS, Categorization, Classification, Labelling

The risks for human health and the enviroment from the production, transport and processing of chemicals resp. dangerous substances should be minimized by a global valid method of categorization with uniform hazard symbols, pictograms and texts worldwide.

Operating Instructions

We prepare and update Operating Instructions (Allgemeine Arbeitgeberpflicht §14 GefStoffV) on basis of safety data sheets, product information and risk assessments as well as legal requirements of the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (Gefahrstoffverordnung).